To create new services and jobs, the project develops innovative services for the Ludoteche, expanding operational capabilities through new digital equipment.
Ludoteca Riù of S. M. Nuova, existing since 2001, is one of the five Ludoteca Riù of Marche Region.
Ludoteca Riù are special places where children from 6 to 10 learn to respect the planet and to prevent the production of waste.
Through the manipulation and reuse of waste materials, thanks above to the creativity, the children create toys, decorations, and have a lot of fun, learning to live respecting the environment.
The 2020 was a difficult year, which introduced new rules in our daily life. Consequently, we also learned many new words: masks, social distancing, sanitizer, lockdown. This really complex situation made us stop for months.
The lockdown forced us to learn, or at least improve, the use of technology, and this got us thinking: why not use technology to our advantage, so that children are not left alone?
Thanks to the collaboration with the Foundation of the paediatric Salesi Hospital in Ancona, we decided to launch a new section of video tutorials to entertain children, both in-patients and out. Costess Società Cooperativa is encharged to support Ludoteca Riù.
The first videos were shot in our kitchens and dining rooms, with our mobile phones and only with materials available at home. In order to improve our work, the contribution of Marche Region through the grant for the project Ludoteca 2.0 region was fundamental and really supportive, providing us with a large amount of equipment suitable for a more interactive update.

Resources needed

The Ludoteca.2.0 project is financed by Marche Region with a grant of 3.000,00 € for each of the five Playgrounds Riù of the Region, for a total of 15.000,00 € of funding provided.
The contribution was fundamental, providing large amount of equipment suitable for a more interactive update.

Evidence of success

The aim of the Ludoteca 2.0 project is to enable the Ludoteche Riù to improve the quality of their services, to broaden the target group and to reach an increasing number of citizens with their activities.
This will therefore mean an increase in demand for the Playground's services and, consequently, an increase in work for the educators employed.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Ludoteca 2.0 project is relevant because it can be easily replicated in other situations. In addition, the use of software, programs and social platforms makes it easy to access in other regions of Europe.
Main institution
Ludoteca Riù
Marche, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2020
End Date


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