Promote the generation of ideas and new initiatives in organizations closely linked to the market - Promote the formal appearance of groups of innovative.
initiative that has the objective that the employees of a SMEs /company have a formal mechanism to present ideas for improvement to make SMEs innovations that allow them to improve their processes, accelerate commercialization, or generate new ideas.
One of the main challenges that companies face is how to manage the knowledge of their employees, e.i listen to the innovative ideas of their collaborators. "Inycom invests" arises, as a mechanism through which employees can present ideas that are highly market-oriented and aligned with the company's grand strategy.
1) The company launches a call for people to submit their ideas
2) The application is submitted with the project idea
3) Assessment and approval, if applicable, by the management committee
4) Assessment and approval, if applicable, by the investment committee
5) Launch of the initiative
6) Bi-monthly report on the state of the art of investment

Aspects to assess in the project:
1) Proximity to the project/solution/product market
2) ROI
3) Development of current clients and/or acquisition of new clients
4) Alignment with current Inycom strategy
Project description
1. Background
2) Project description
3) What problem / challenge does it come to solve?
4) Impact generated in Inycom
Action plan for start-up
1) Investment required until the start-up of the Project (detail: personnel, equipment, marketing)
2) Team Leader 3) Project execution time. 4) Team / area of knowledge for your launch

Resources needed

Process development:
- Request
- Platform for requests
- Methodology
- Investment in projects

Evidence of success


- 35 applications submitted
- 8 applications financed by the company
- 4 requests financed by their own managers
- 100,000 Euros of investment
- Increased sales of focus solutions

- Generation of new ideas
- Emergence of people with an innovative spirit
- Generation of innovation culture

Difficulties encountered

- Learning process of doing it for the first time
- Difficulty in measuring short-term ROI
- Reduce the frustration of the selected projects
- There must be an investment culture on the part of the company's owners

Potential for learning or transfer

- Relevant aspects:
- You work in the long term of the company and get out of the day to day
- It is easy to implant
- Generates a new company culture
- Increase personal relationships and teamwork
- Aligns with company strategy
- It is easy to measure the retun on investment
Main institution
Federation of Municipalities Regions and Provinces
Aragón, Spain (España)
Start Date
September 2020
End Date


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