WORLDCOB’s mission is to promote sustainable business development worldwide,
World Confederation of Businesses, WORLDCOB, is adhered to the United Nations Global Compact many years ago. It participated in the World Summit of the Global Compact celebrated in New York.
The members of WORLDCOB are mainly SMEs. More than 3300 companies in 120 countries are members of WORLDCOB.
Some of their activities are:
1. To design a private certifiable standard for their members to implement a management system that integrates Corporate Social Responsibility. This standard is inspired in the 10 principles of the Global Compact.
2. To design an online audit process to reach a dispersed network of companies.
3. To organize free CSR seminars in several countries to promote CSR. From 2016, these seminars are organized together with the best universities to promote a responsible education and link the academic world with that of the businesses.
Some experts from organizations such as UNICEF, governments, etc. participate in these seminars.
4. To promote the CSR culture with current and potential members of the association. WORLDCOB offers free advice in this item.
5. Active participation in alliances to promote CSR (Government of Extremadura, WOCCU, Corresponsables, etc.)
6. Promote the reporting (GRI, COP). Participation in GRI as Gold community.

The main beneficiaries are the companies which are advised and get the CSR certification and through them their stakeholders.

Resources needed

WORLDCOB spends 100,000 dollars a year and a team composed of 15 people

Evidence of success

• More than 4000 companies informed and advised
• More than 300 companies certified or in process of certification
• 38 CSR workshops carried out in more than 10 countries with more than 5000 entrepreneurs attending.
• Collaboration with 10 Universities for the promotion of CSR (UNAM Mexico, University. of Rosario, Colombia, etc.)
• Alliances performed (e.g: Government of Extremadura, World Council of Credit Unions. etc.)
• Alliances with media (e.g. Corresponsables)

Difficulties encountered

The lack of benefits by governments to reward socially responsible companies.
There is still a lack of commitment on the part of consumers to buy responsibly
Limited resources of the organization to achieve a greater scope (e.g. more events in more countries).

Potential for learning or transfer

The WORLDCOB standard is made available free of charge to all European SMEs.
The certification could have a subsidized expense and companies could receive a free membership with access to the world database and other kind of benefits.
The concrete experiences of 300 certified companies on corporate social responsibility could be shared.
Main institution
World Confederation of Businesses
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
April 2011
End Date


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