DfK Group a.s. is a group of companies dealing with the trade, generally beneficial activities (esp. senior care) and development of community society.
Social field:
- Foundation fund AVA – financed from the personal means of DfK owners, fund of the quick single financial aid for families in a difficult situation, usable by DfK employees or public (mostly on incentives of employees); moreover the fund for the sponsorships for culture, sport, community life.
- Volunteering program – for DfK employees, it is prepared also for the public – help for persons in social services, in charitably projects of DfK, organization of the food and material bank etc.
Human resources management:
- Emphasis on the individuality of employees, their professional development, company′s culture, internal communication and external presentation.
- HR marketing – employee benefits.
- Support of harmonizing personal (family) and professional life – part-time job, home office (depends on job character and experience).
- Junior program – kindergarten for children from 6 months up to 3 years or individual babysitting, for the minimum fee, management is free of charge.
- Preferential employee fees for using DfK services (accommodation, catering).
- High quality employee educational programs and plans, co-operation with renowned educational institutions, focused on the generation 55+ (education, retraining).
- Employing people with disabilities (various invalidity degrees).
- Flexible attitude in case of changes of the terms of maternity / parent leave.
- Non-paid free time when taking care of relatives (parents)

Resources needed

Financial resources not specified. Importance of the involvement of company human resources.

Evidence of success

This is the example of the responsible behaviour of the trading company towards its surroundings, without particular measurable results. Generally, the results of the responsible company′s behaviour may be defined by the stabile supplier-customer and labour-law relations.

Difficulties encountered

Low unemployment, lack of employees in all the branches and professions.
Solution: HR marketing and responsible activities in the area of human resources (see above).

Potential for learning or transfer

The mentioned principles of responsibility to the surroundings are usable also in other companies not only in the region of activity, but also in the wider territorial context.
Main institution
DfK Group a.s.
Jihozápad, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
January 2005
End Date


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