TKP geo s.r.o. is a hived-off part of company GEFOS a.s. founded in 1995 to provide large, technologically demanding geodesy and geo-informatic orders.
Good example of CSR principles is focus on city environment improvement. TKP geo developed the application which can be uploaded into the smartphones and enable to improve the daily city environment from bad conditions of some city property to some activities which are not good to environment or to other citizens ( burning mess on gardens etc.). Pilot project was started in the town of České Budejovice. The city paid for the application* and provide it free to anyone interested through city websites. The application runs on a smartphones and is connected to city management systems. For example, anyone with the mobile phone can take a picture of a mess in the city, a broken street, a malfunctioning lighting, etc. And the application sends this message to a particular official who has the competence to solve the issue. The application is of great interest and other cities in the Czech Republic are beginning to use this application as well.

Resources needed

Financial resources not specified.

Evidence of success

The daily city management is not able to find out and identify all the issues connected with public property and other issues that make daily city life not so pleasant. After this application usage there is an increasing interest of citizens to be involved in city improvement via this application. And there is increasing amount of issues which were solved thanks to his application.

Difficulties encountered

Lack of information about CSR and how it could be used for company growth with the synergy of stakeholders and the local/national environment. But this is general overview about CSR status in the Czech rep. and it is not connected with "dejtip" project.

Potential for learning or transfer

Good example which can be used also in other cities or companies.
Main institution
TKP geo s.r.o.
Jihozápad, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
April 2018
End Date


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