Technické služby Tábor s.r.o., is the company formed for the purpose of providing technical services for the Town of Tábor.
Human resources management:
- Accent on observing the labour law, accent on employee’s rights.
- Flexible working hours (depending on the work character), which enables to reconcile professional and family duties.
- The aim is to achieve the employees satisfaction and qualification development, to increase work productivity and quality of provided services.
Responsible activities in the environmental area:
- Renewal of the system of the public lighting in Tábor – with purpose of decreasing the energy demands (effective quality lights, LED lights, possibility of the regulation of shining in late night hours), limiting the light pollution, accent on safety and health of inhabitants.
- Renewal of the vehicle fleet of the company – in appropriate cases (purpose and frequency of use) – transition to CNG vehicles.
- Politics of the integrated management system (system of quality, environmental and occupational safety management).
Responsible activities in the economic area:
- Widening and increasing the quality of provided services portfolio.
- Orientation on the customer satisfaction.
- Responsible procurement – legal frame observing, accent on the performance quality, using the local sources (if possible) and social impact.
- Transparent relationships to suppliers and customers, observing contracted conditions.
- The certificate Reliable Company was awarded, moreover the appraisal for CSR We do business in a reliable way – 3rd place in SME category.

Resources needed

Financial resources not specified. Importance of the involvement of company human resources.

Evidence of success

This is the example of the responsible behaviour of the MSP (small and middle-sized enterprises) representative towards its employees and business partners. The result is increasing the quality and scope of the offered services, stabile supplier-customer relationships, stabile labour-law relations.

Difficulties encountered

Lack of the qualified labour force in the technical branches, lack of labour forces for the work positions with a low qualification.
CSR cannot be enforced and ordered. If it is connected with additional obligatory administration, it loses its effect and benefit.

Potential for learning or transfer

CSR, among others, means to find out all the necessary information, to evaluate the technical parameters, return of individual investments and to have courage to assure precisely what I need – to use all the possibilities (e.g. all the possibilities when placing public orders unlike the competition for acquiring the lower price bid).
Stabile work environment, social security for employees and fair acting is the answer for the lack of labour force.
The stated principles of the responsibility to the surroundings are usable also in other companies not only in the region of activity, but also in the wider territorial context.
Main institution
Technické služby Tábor s.r.o.
Jihozápad, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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