FCC was founded in 1988 in Austria, and in relatively short period it has become one of Europe's leading waste management and communal services businesses.
One of the socially responsible actions of the society is the education of children in the field of environmental protection in a unique fun form and competitions in the collection of paper for elementary schools "Competition with Mr. Popela" is an ecological competition for schools that should accompany the current youth both at school and and beyond, and give it an opportunity to reflect on the current unharmed state of the environment. Compete in the category of paper quantity per pupil and in the category by the total amount of paper. Motto of the competition:
We are based on the belief that education for ecological feeling has the greatest effect in the youngest generation, which then adopts the acquired habits to households. The aim of the "Competition with Mr. Popela" is to introduce a permanent system of separate collection of paper and possibly other components of waste in schools.

Resources needed

inancial resources not specified. Importance of the involvement of company human resources.

Evidence of success

This is an example of the responsible behavior of the business community towards its environment in a very effective way of confronting the meaningfulness of recycling unnecessary raw materials to the generation of children who, at an early age, gain awareness of the meaningfulness of waste management and a practical interaction with that environment that can lead to habits emerging generations that will benefit the environment.

Difficulties encountered

Due to the form of the competition and its concept, no problems are identified here.

Potential for learning or transfer

This concept of working with a young generation in the field of environmental protection in a fun and meaningful way is also applicable to other companies dealing with the treatment and disposal of waste or collection raw materials.
Main institution
FCC Česká republika, s.r.o.
Praha, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
January 2001
End Date


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