The Action Plans of each PROGRESS partners are now available at the web-library.

The Action Plan is a document providing details on how the lessons learnt and exchange of experience from the interregional cooperation will be exploited to improve the regional policy instruments. The Action Plan specifies the nature of the actions to be implemented, their time frame, stakeholders involved, the costs and funding sources.

After discussion with the Interreg Europe Secretariat the partners approved their action plans and presented them at the recent partner’s meeting held at Dun Laoghire (Ireland) that concluded the Phase 1 of PROGRESS project.  PROGRESS Action Plans are now being implemented during the 2nd phase of the project, lasting until its end in July 2023.

Each Action Plan, following the common Interreg Europe methodology, has selected one or more good practices from PROGRESS phase 1 experiences, and will now, in phase 2, use them as a means to achieve policy change and improvement in the partner’s own regional policy instrument (see details on the PROGRESS policy instruments at the second part of the homepage). 

Out of the total 25 Good practices identified and presented in PROGRESS 5 of them have been considered most useful to generate policy changes at the partner’s regions, with the Territorial Information System-SITXELL and the All Ireland Pollinator Plan – AIPP generating most interest.

Good practice
Adopted by
All Ireland Pollinator Plan Framework
CREAF (Catalonia-Spain)
TCDA (Hungary)
National Ecosystem and Ecosystem Service Mapping Pilot 
RTU (Latvia)
Territorial Information System for the Network of Open Areas in the province of Barcelona 

Catalonia - Spain

ANCI (Italy)
EMRA (Ireland)
RTU (Latvia)
Forest Ecosystem Services Mapping and Assessment Methodology 
Craiova University (Romania)
The Green Office
CREAF (Catalonia-Spain)

The action plans of each partner describe the policy instruments that each partner is working on and how will the experiences of the good practices be applied to generate improvement in these policy instruments. Check out the details on the library folder with all Action Plans.