Scope of the meeting was to present the RECORD project and its scope and to discuss, in “focus group work”, one of the 2 actions of Tuscany ERDF ROP (“POR CreO”) on which DITECFER is working within the RECORD project: the “RA1.1.5 - Support to pilot actions, early validation of products and large-scale demonstration (sub-part of “Specific Objective RA 1.1 - Enhancing innovation activities in enterprises”), whose beneficiaries are SMEs and including also, as possible partners, Large companies and Research bodies.  

The focus group was composed by stakeholders very much experienced in the Tuscany ERDF ROP calls for Research and Innovation projects, and for this were requested to finally identify:

- 3 things that, in such calls, perform very well and should be confirmed

- 3 things that, in such calls, do not perform according their experience and point of view

- 3 things that should be introduced to better perform such calls in order to improve their impact both as “outputs” and “outcomes”.

The Stakeholders’ Meeting was participated by Hitachi Rail Italy (LC), Thales Italia (LC), CReAI-Centro Ricerche e Attività Industriali (SME), Campanella Costruzioni Meccaniche (SME), Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione (RB), University of Firenze (RB), CNR-National Research Council of Italy (RB), University of Pisa (RB).