RECORD will allow, through cooperation between different European regions, to coordinate and improve their innovation policies for a sustainable transport, especially regarding railway transport. Sustainable transport is included in the intelligent specialisation strategy (RIS3) of all participating regions.

RECORD project aims to help SMEs invest more and better in innovation activities by redesigning regional policy instruments. To do this, experiences from different regions are analysed and compared. Benchmarking and brainstorming sessions with local stakeholders complement the Study Visits to help to draw conclusions and develop regional action plans with new shared approaches. 

Organised by the Technical University of Kosice, during the last Study Visit partners could know TECHNICOM University Science Park, and some start-ups and projects fostered by the Technical University of Kosice, like CEELABS or the Railway Transport Laboratory. Partners also visited Tatravagonka, leading manufacturer of railway freight, wagons and bogies in Poprad, to learn about the railway innovation system in Slovakia.