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MusicAIRE: call for proposals


This is a call for proposals for the MusicAIRE (An Innovative Recovery for...

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Creative Europe 2022: calls are open!


The Commission has published the first three calls for proposals opened under...

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A European New Bauhaus For The Green And Digital Age


The relationship between nature, ourselves, and technology appears unbalanced....

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Art meets Tech – a Twenty-first Century love story


The mix between art and technology is changing these two concepts and how we see...

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Europe valorises culture and the arts


Europe valorises culture and the arts seeing their power and potential. The...

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Culture and education in the fight against racism


The following study concludes that a significant number of racism-related...

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RegionArts Action Plans now available


RegionArts Action Plans are available now in the project library...

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The role of cultural heritage in regional policy


Residents and visitors in Europe's regions and cities place a high value on...

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Europe, let’s cooperate by Interreg Europe


Interreg Europe hosts "Europe, let’s cooperate 2021" event this past week...

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Festival of Lights in Lyon, France


In French “Fête des Lumiéres” takes place in Lyon and is one of the most...

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RegionArts Exchange of Experience #8


The last EoE and steering committee meeting of ‘Enhancing SME growth by the...

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Innovation Camp 02: Industrial Transformation


Innovation Camp 02: Industrial Transformation - Social & Creative Focus and...

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