The European Week of Regions and Cities is the largest Brussels-based cohesion policy event. This event which is now on its 20th session has done a lot to promote policy learning and the exchange of best practices over the last 19 years. This year the event will provide an opportunity for partners and participants to debate and exchange knowledge on four themes: green transition, territorial cohesion, digital transition, and youth empowerment.

We are pleased to inform you that RegionArts will participate in the 20th session of the European Week of Regions and Cities by facilitating an online workshop titled "A journey through the wormhole - role game to foster ICT and art collaboration in regional ecosystems". The workshop will take place on 11 October at 11:30h (Europe/Brussels Time).

This workshop developed in a game setting will allow participants to explore the challenges of collaboration between ICT companies and artists when converting artistic works into something that offers social and economic value as a product or service. While playing different roles simulating concrete situations, participants will work together to support entrepreneurs, artists, and policymakers, among others, in achieving their own goals. Eventually, they will only succeed when activating a fully regional ecosystem.

With this workshop, RegionArts partners hope to bring you an immersive and compelling experience counting with the participation of several speakers and in sync with the theme of Digital Transition! 

Check out the link for the workshop and don't forget to register and add it to your calendar!