‘Enhancing SME growth by the integration of Artists in ICT projects’ organised its kick-off meeting last week. In Brussels the 8 partners met for the first time since the launch of RegionArts in June 2018. RegionArts aims to promote the competitiveness and innovation of companies through the integration of, and synergies, between ICT and artists. The support offer in this field is still fragmented and often provided with a ‘research focus’ that neglects creativity. To this end, the project aims at helping partners in finding effective ways to promote synergies and crossover between these two worlds, and thus making an effective use of public resources.

On 09 July, the morning session started with presentations of all the involved regions, they shared their regional contexts - including challenges and opportunities - and activities implemented by their bodies/organisations. The session was then followed by an overview of RegionArts, highlighting the issues addressed by the project, the challenges to be faced and the general/specific outputs. The morning session finished with the presentation “Project and financial management”, an outline of the activities related to project coordination/management and financial management. In the afternoon session, the partners analysed and agreed on the project work plan (including a brief outline of the communication activities planned for each semester), with a special focus on the dates and outputs foreseen for the 1st and 2nd semester.

The second day, Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN), advisor partner responsible for the communication activities, presented an outline of the main communication and dissemination tools. The last part of this session included a brainstorm for the design of #hashtags to be used during the lifetime of the project. To sum-up the kick-off meeting, the LP talked about the next project activities and thanked the active participation of the partners.

More updates will follow!!!