Between the 12th and 15th of March, partners and stakeholders had the chance to visit some of the Portuguese partners.

It was the case of the Fraunhofer Center Portugal, where the participants got to know the Living Lab COLABORAR project and their methodology (understanding user’s needs), as well as some case studies such as the CogniPlay, the Smart Companion or the Active Home.

The group also had the opportunity for some cultural visits to Cru Cowork - The Creative Hub; Fundação Serralves and their case studies - “Prémio Nacional Indústria Criativas” and “INOVDESIGN” and finally Casa da Música where “Digitópia” and Open House 2019 - Immersive Concerts, were presented.

During the 3rd EoE partners and stakeholders also had the opportunity to reflect about “Understanding User’s need – Human Centred Design: Empathy” by Tânia Santos.

For the last workshop participants met Horácio Tomé Marques, a researcher in 3D and 2D digital image synthesis, multimedia technologies, interactivity, virtual and immersive environment, that presented his insights about “Immersion”.

Recap here the 3rd EoE at Porto Design Factory