The second stakeholders’ meeting of ART-ER welcomed 4 new members who could truly bring a valuable contribution to the working group and help in better investigating what it means to foster collaborations between CCI and ICT: AGO Modena Fabriche Culturali, Cineteca di Bologna, Officine On/Off, DAMSlab.

The main topic tackled during the meeting regarded Mapping the Ecosystem - activities linking ICT and Art. Attendees were shown the graphics of the ecosystem mapped and the policy booklet drafted by ART-ER thanks to the contribution and support provided by the members of the Local Stakeholder Group during the 1° meeting, via questionnaire and by emails. The map was discussed and feedback was later integrated into the documents.  

Moreover, ART-ER, thanks to the support provided by its Brussels-based staff, provided useful insights on EU funding opportunities for the Creative and Cultural sector and possible actions for the next programming period. The exchanges that arose among participants led to the following conclusions, which will be taken into account when drafting the regional action plan: 

  • Due to the structure of the regional ecosystem related to CCI (small and micro-enterprises without any established company acting as the leader and influencing trends) it is important to start developing new governance and management models able to foster exchange of expertise, know-how and knowledge: CCI organizations can cut costs related to innovation through collaborative processes;
  • It is important to develop policy instruments that can truly represent the realities of the regional ecosystem;
  • To achieve impactful results, it is necessary to encourage a deeper integration among policies supported by different governmental departments so that everyone can operate within the same framework and converge towards the same goals 

All stakeholders participating in the LSG are playing and will play a relevant role in the development and implementation of the Action Plan. The contribution and commitment of Cluster Create and the Emilia-Romagna Regional government are pivotal aspects: the former is one of the outputs of the policy instrument analysed by RegionArts and constantly collaborates with ART-ER through projects, events and periodical meetings; the latter is in charge and manages these funds and works closely with ART-ER, moreover, the fact that the Emilia Romagna Regional Government is involved in an another Interreg Europe project (Creadis3) analysing the same sector will allow for the development of good synergies.

All other members are of the essence since they bring to the table points of views and needs of a wide range of groups.