On 21st June, Le Serre di ART-ER hosted AperiCULT - What is the role of film producers? co-organized by ART-ER, Almacube and StartYouUp. The special guest of the night was Carlo Cresco-Dina, producer and founder of Testa Film, a movie studio based both in Rome and Bologna.

Participants - professionals, students and startuppers - were eager to better understand the business dynamics of the sector and exchange views on how technology reshaped the film industry

For this reason, ART-ER made the introduction speech and presented two European projects which have strong correlations with the themes tackled by speakers: in fact, broadening the pool of stakeholders and furthering connections between transnational actions and the local dimension is a way to create powerful synergies.  Chebec - co-funded by the Interreg MED programme - focuses indeed on the development of entrepreneurial skills of CCIs professionals to access international markets. RegionArts - co-financed by Interreg Europe - intends to encourage the collaborations among artists and technologists to boost competitiveness. 


As mentioned before, in the last two decades, the film industry has gone through major changes throughout the entire value chain: the digital age has had a great impact on how films are produced, edited and distributed. At the forefront of audiovisual technologies there are: autonomous drone cameras, 3D printing, 4K 3D cameras, algorithmic video editing, cloud-based solutions.

To keep evolving this sector requires the integration of several professionals: cinema connoisseurs, aware of the trends and assets of the audiovisual field, ICT experts, with know-how on the strengths and limits of specific technologies, the public, with specific demands able to influence the offer.



AperiCULT is a series of events aiming at promoting good practices, news and initiatives related to Cultural and Creative Industries, the main focus being the entrepreneurial dimension of this sector.