People, animals, plants, bacteria, environment, substances and devices, connected via the Internet. Seven parts affect each other one after the other. Internet of Everything: All Connections is part of the human (un)limited exhibition project by Hyundai Motorstudio and Ars Electronica, which is dedicated to the human success story, including its weaknesses, strengths and, above all, limitations. The work has no starting or ending point since all parts are connected in an interlocking loop structure. This work creates a chain reaction of a loop configuration to express the interconnected relationship between organisms, machines and nature through network connectivity.

What the artist Shaun Hu shows on a small scale, we observe today on a global level: Whether climate crisis or extinction of species – our impact on the ecosystem of this planet causes extensive chain reactions with serious consequences and destroys more and more of the foundations of human life. On the occasion of the show in Beijing, where he is exhibiting until the end of February, we spoke about overcoming borders and the associated consequences for society and the environment.

Overcoming boundaries means growing beyond ourselves and making the supposedly impossible possible. The question of whether we can master such a challenge has always driven us much more than the question of whether it makes any sense at all, not to mention the consequences we would have to expect if we were to succeed. Why?

Shaun Hu: It takes people’s imagination and courage to break through boundaries. Now, we no longer worry about our survival every day like our ancestors, we will think about how to live a better life. The possibilities of the future fascinate us, which will require trying something that seems meaningless and paying a price. Each time we make some breakthroughs and find new possibilities, we will be excited and feel that all our efforts are worth it. Of course, we don’t always succeed in each step, but even if we fail, we provide a template for others in their exploration.

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