The first meeting of the thematic community working on Circular Economy, "Circular economy: a necessity and transformative opportunity for cities and regions in EU", will take place on 29 June at the European Committee of the Regions, in Brussels. 

The workshop, organized by the Policy Learning Platform on Environment and Resource Efficiency, will gather project partners, regions and managing authorities with the aim to create synergies and share experiences and practices among the different actors. RETRACE  will take part to the event, as the partners have been identified as key contributors to the workshop.

Some issues that will be addressed include: 

 - setting framework conditions such as integrating circular economy into relevant strategic documents and improving planning.;

 - discussing technological/infrastructural background such as innovation capacity, system supporting material flows, waste collection infrastructure, etc.

 - raising stakeholders´ awareness on the use of new solutions for transition to circular economy.

The agenda of the workshop, which will be a closed event, is available here.