The eighth Stakeholder Group organized by Leartibai Fundazioa was held online on September 8, 2022.

This meeting aimed to discuss together the trends highlighted by the mapping of Good Practices conducted in all partner regions and define proposals to collect improvements and opinions to the Euskadi policy tool.

An important contribution was provided during the meeting by public and private authorities of the region.  

Amaia Barredo, representing the Basque Managing Authority, subscribed the importance of the Green Deal and the Euskadi Circular Economy Policy tool.  In addition, Leandro Azcue the Fisheries and Aqucaulture Director pointed out the national grant and resources linked to the blue growth and  toward the circular economy. The local authorities and companies expressed its intention to act, including at the regional level, to activate investments for initiatives on material revalorization, for example Birziplastic.

The meeting was the opportunity to get all recommendations from all stakeholders and define the macro proposals for improving the policy instrument of Euskadi.