The seventh Stakeholder Group meeting organized by Politecnico di Torino was held online on January 21, 2022.

The seventh stakeholders meeting was aimed at discussing the objectives of the new activities within Retrace. Politecnico presented the results obtained during the holistic analysis carried out in the previous months taking into account the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), which will integrate the regional policy tool (POR) that is being defined, both thanks to the active contribution of the stakeholders in answering the questionnaires administered.

An important contribution was given, during the meeting, by the Piedmont Region that further underlined the substantial transformation that the policy instrument is going through in a systemic perspective .

The meeting was also an opportunity to have a moment of discussion with stakeholders about the good practices that have emerged from 2018 to date and the possible implications that the COVID 19 pandemic has had in accelerating or slowing down the process of territorial transition to a circular economy. Stakeholders participated in the discussion by sharing good practices they deemed relevant to regional strategic sectors.