As the project is going to proceed from Phase 1 to Phase 2, the 8th of June our last Phase 1 Partner Meeting took place. We would like to thanks all the partners for the effort they put in this first phase of the project and for having achieved the goal of preparing five Action Plans – one for each country involved – which have already been approved by the Joint Secretariat.

Now, it is time to prepare ourselves for the realization of Phase 2, which will last for one year starting from the 1st of August. All the partners are ready and eager to engage in the number of activities that we will realise to accomplish our five Policy Instruments and meet the outcomes of the project S3UNICA.

During the coming months, each partner will implement six activities which will help to track the progresses of their Policy Instruments and facilitate the dissemination of the project’s outcomes. The first activity will be the drafting and submission of the last Progress Report of Phase 1. Then, partners will provide a detailed description of their Action Plans for Phase 2, including relevant actions realised and results. During the course of Phase 2, the project website will be constantly kept updated with news and progress reporting. At the end of the project, two important events will be organised. The first one is the last Partner Meeting which represents the conclusion of the project. The second one is a public dissemination event aimed at presenting the outcomes and results of the project to the citizenship. The two final events will take place in the same occasion, in Trieste (Italy), next year. The concluding activity of the project will be the final progress report at the end of Phase 2.

On these bases, the cooperation among the five regions and nine partners involved in S3UNICA continue with even more enthusiasm towards the completion of the project.