The meeting focused on explaining the changes in the Guidelines following the first meeting in October 2022 (find out more here) and the comments and feedback from participants.

Following the additions received, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, in collaboration with the University of Udine, revised the document and included a specification on Energy Communities, a topical and important subject that will affect the territory in the years to come, bringing various social and environmental benefits.

The University of Udine emphasises the awareness-raising spirit of the document, which aims to bring more realities, both large and small, closer to technical tools such as those contained in the Guidelines and to become a technical-administrative basis for the public and private realities to which this tool is addressed especially municipalities.

The uncertainty of the actual entry into force of the reform of the Code requires a certain level of attention from all the actors involved in the second phase of the S3UNICA project since, depending on the Government's decision, it will be necessary to decide whether and how to modify the Guidelines, updating them with the new legislation.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants of the Expert Working Table had the opportunity to give their feedback and suggestions on the Guidelines. The interventions focused more on:

  • the tool of project financing and the "roadmap" created by Acegas in support of Public Administrations to start a public-private partnership process, such as arrangements, preliminary investigation, declaration of interest, acquisition of technical and accounting opinions, etc.
  • ISIS Arturo Malignani's past experiences in energy efficiency in recent years and the possibilities and future developments, particularly concerning IoT management of classrooms, self-production of energy, recharging stations and efficient lighting of gyms.

The RAFVG concluded the meeting by again emphasising the importance of the involvement of public and private entities to be able to give these Guidelines a practical-application aspect.

The next meeting will be held at the end of March, during which the final Guidelines will be approved and will be brought as an Addendum to the EPR once the new Regional Council is in place and approved by July 2023, the date when the second phase of the S3UNICA project will be closed.