The Steering Committee of the 22nd June approved the organisation and repartition of the lump sum among the partners of S3UNICA in preparation for the beginning of the second phase of the project. All partners attended the meeting and agreed on the repartition proposal based on the number of Actions foreseen for each Policy Instrument. For Policy Instruments where more than one partner is involved (that is the case of Italy, Spain and Finland), it has been up to each group of partners to agree on the internal repartition of the funds accordingly to the efforts they face.

Partners agreed that they will engage in an ongoing based updating and control of the activities all along Phase 2. This will meaningfully contribute to the creation of a detailed and complete description of the activities in the last Progress Report. Finally, partners will engage themselves in a continuous updating of the project’s website – which constitutes one of the six outcomes to implement in Phase 2 - with all the relevant information and descriptions of the advances made along the project.