Within the SET-UP project, the involvement of local stakeholders is key. Indeed, they ensure support to and follow up of the activities carried out at interregional level by contributing to the learning process based on their interests, vision and role.

At the beginning of the project, each region involved in SET-UP established a local stakeholders group (called Local Energy Transition Supporters - LETS) that brings together relevant regional players in the smart grid and energy industry. Project partners meet their LETS regularly.

On 1st December, Andalusian Energy Agency organised the 2nd LETS meeting in Sevilla. This event was the opportunity to:

  • Illustrate the progress made on the project and explain the actions to be carried out in the next months; 
  • Inform and discuss about the lessons learned during the 2nd SET-UP Interregional Workshop held in Leicester in October 2016;
  • Prepare the next SET-UP Interregional workshop, that will take place in Sevilla on 14-16 February 2017 (check out our events!).