On 19 March, the Policy Learning Platform organised a webinar together with the Thematic Experts for Low-carbon economy, on the topic of ‘Supporting e-mobility in European regions and cities’. 

The Thematic Experts Katharina Krell and Simon Hunkin opened the session with insights on the policy background including the challenges that cities and regions face in meeting carbon reduction targets and improving air quality, and the enablers for stimulating uptake of electric vehicles.

The floor was then opened up to several keynote speakers and good practice owners representing different Interreg Europe projects, including EV Energy, PROMETEUS and our SET-UP project!

Our partners Olly Frankland (Regen) and Joaquin Villar Rodríguez (Andalusia Energy Agency) delivered a presentation on electric vehicles and the electricity system. The introduction of electric vehicles will have a large impact on the electricity grid, which will have to be adapted to manage the increase in energy demand. Olly discussed ways that this can be managed, including different tariffs to encourage off-peak charging, and the use of vehicle-to-grid technologies which can be used to stabilise the grid. Find Olly's presentation here.

Joaquin followed up with the good practice on Smart Grid Malaga. This good example showed a large-scale test project that tested smart grid technologies, including vehicle-to-grid charging points. Find Joaquin's presentation here.

You can find the full replay of the webinar and the summarised key insights here.