The Interregional Learning Events organised within SET-UP aim at offering project partners and stakeholders the opportunity to know more about some valuable initiatives implemented at the regional level. For the 3rd project meeting, our partner Andalusian Energy Agency organised various interesting study visits to give us a better insight into the way Andalusia implements its smart energy strategy.

First, partners have been able to learn about the Centre for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Energy in Andalusia, CESEA, a unique instrument in Spain that allows real time monitoring of electricity supply over the region. Managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency, it has proved to be a very useful tool for the improvement of the quality of electricity supply. 

The second study visit was about the Smart City Malaga, a project launched in 2008 by Endesa, the largest electric utility company in Spain. Since then, it has been recognised worldwide as a model of sustainable energy management for cities. Designed as a living large-scale laboratory for future Smart Grid technologies, the project has already achieved brilliant results (power consumption has been reduced by approximately 20%) and delivered new products and services to customers and companies. 

Lastly, project partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to visit the Home automation lab at the University of Málaga and listen to the presentations made by professors and students of the Master’s Programme in Home automation, Energy efficiency and Technical building management provided by the University. Considering the importance of this sector in terms of job creation, this Master’s Programme is a good example of how to strategically link training, employment and economic development.