In February, the programme announced a special call, open only to already-approved projects, offering them the opportunity for an additional year of activity. This extraordinary call aims to help Europe recover from the effects of the COVID pandemic and the measures and restrictions implemented to combat it.

The SHARE partners proposed a work plan of researching and exchanging good practices for cultural heritage sites and events. Partners will conduct a survey targeting how the pandemic has changed tourism attitudes and expectations (perceptions of risk, response to post-Covid conditions, attractiveness of cultural heritage and events).  These data will support policy makers in re-calibrating their actions.

Tourism is an important economic sector in the partner territories, and one that was especially hard-hit by restrictions on the movement and gathering of people. The project plans to hold a public seminar on resilience strategies for cities that rely on cultural heritage tourism, to be held in 2022.

Our proposal has been approved for financing and we expect to kick off the project extension in September 2021.