Project partners explored some of the sustainability challenges faced by heritage tourism destinations in Europe during a public event hosted by the University of Greenwich. The discussion was chaired by Dr. J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak of the Business School's Marketing, Events and Tourism Department.

The audience was welcomed by Prof. Jon Sibson, Pro-Vicechancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Business, who commented on the often conflicting interests of conserving monuments and sites and the need to grow the tourism economy.

Speakers then illustrated the situation, challenges and some proposed actions in their own territories:

  • Chiara Dall'Aglio - Umbria (IT)
  • Ana Paraschiv - North East Region (RO)
  • Patricia Mora - La Serena, Extremadura (ES)
  • Eva Nyström Tagesson - Vadstena (SE)
  • Petar Mišura - Šibenik (HR)
  • Csaba Ders - Pécs (HU)

A lively debate ensued with members of the audience, which included consultants, academics and tourism professionals. Topics debated included disabled access planning in urban tourism destinations, the role of sustainable transport in tourism cities and environmental impacts of overtourism, among others.