The Local Action Plan for the Region of Extremadura establishes a sustainability tool to ensure that a potential action to promote and exploit a cultural heritage asset is socioeconomically and environmentally sustainable. The tool, to be employed before a new or expanded investment is made in facilities or infrastructure, is a checklist on financial, environmental and other sustainability issues. All questions must be answered positively and in detail for the proposed action to be found compliant with the sustainability criteria and approved for further study toward implementation.

During the monitoring phase of SHARE, the sustainability checklist will be used on a trial basis in one county, with a view toward applying it to future cultural heritage investments in the region.

The checklist requires evaluating the following aspects:

  • Is the investment needed for the implementation of the action totally defined, identified and available?
  • Are all the resources needed for the exploitation phase totally identified and quantified? (Personnel, supplies, energy costs, cleaning service, water supply, …)
  • Are the financing sources for the exploitation phase totally identified and quantified? Please specify them.
  • It is clear what entity(ies) will be responsible for the implementation, exploitation and maintenance of the action? Name them and specify their role and responsibilities.
  • Have you defined the specific objectives of the action?
  • Have you estimated the number of visits using a sound methodology?
  • Can the Action be integrated in existing facilities? If yes, please justify the request for new facilities for your action.
  • Have you implemented a protocol for public participation in the design of the Action?
  • Have you considered environmental factors in each step of the design of the action and for the implementation phase (impact assessment for the construction and exploitation phases)?