View the video of the SHARE final conference here, and find the presentations and other project documents in the library section.

    Michele Fioroni, Umbria Regional Minister
    Michela Sciurpa, President, Sviluppumbria
    Aleksandra Niechajowicz, Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat
    Chiara Dall’Aglio, Sviluppumbria
    Patricia Mora, Region of Extremadura
    Ana Paraschiv, North East Regional Development Agency
    Eva Nyström Tagesson and Sigrid Jansson, County Administrative Board of Östergötland
    Ders Csaba, Pannon EGTC
    Petar Mišura, City of Šibenik
    Chiara Dall’Aglio
    Andy Fryers, Expert in Sustainable Management
    Andres Coca-Stefaniak, University of Greenwich