Health impacts and a decrease in the quality of life caused by air pollution is a major problem worldwide. An analysis from Krakow have shown that legislative regulations should be combined with locally tailor-made instruments.

Many actions have been taken at the national, regional, and local levels but the greatest influence bear the solutions initiated and implemented at the communal level.

That is the conclusion from a scientific article “The Potential of RES in the Reduction of Air Pollution: The SWOT Analysis of Smart Energy Management Solutions for Krakow Functional Area (KrOF)”. The article was published in the prestigious Swiss scientific journal “Energies”.

In each semester of the Smart Edge project, all partners prepare inventories on a common subject. One of them was dedicated to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency of buildings. On the basis of the tests carried out to prepare the inventory for Krakow Metropolis (Poland), this scientific article has been prepared.

We are happy to see that the research carried out within our project was used as a foundation for the in-depth study!

We invite you to read it here:

Cover Image - Waste-to-Energy Plant, Kraków . Source: