The testing phase of the REDEMA Energy Observatory online platform continues on and will soon be finalised.
At the Federation of Towns and Provinces of Andalusia (FAMP) we continue to develop our first Pilot Action: The Andalusian Energy Network REDEMA.
The IT developers had worked on fine-tuning the web platform during January to enable users to include more information on the energy efficiency of buildings, such as the heating and cooling energy demand, the overall emissions indicator and the overall indicator non-renewable energy consumption in accordance with those included in the existing official Energy Certificates. The basic data of the 91 buildings owned by the Andalusian municipalities that had been uploaded last December, have now been improved by including additional energy efficiency information in the web platform, thus enabling the platform to generate accurate energy comparisons of these buildings. Final fine-tuning of the platform is currently undertaken in preparation for its final test runs and presentation to stakeholders in February.
In addition, the REDEMA Regional Observatory Guidelines for Energy Management and Monitoring Tools through Web Platforms and the REDEMA Regional Energy Observatory Benchmarking Guidelines of Andalusian Local Authorities Public Buildings are being finalised in a parallel process to the fine-tuning of the web platform. Analysis of the data structure and user interfaces of the web platform will be elaborated in these guidelines, which are expected to be finalised in early February 2021.

The final objective of the development of our first Pilot Action: the Andalusian Energy Network REDEMA is to promote information sharing among Andalusian local authorities through the collection, management and systematisation of energy data. The REDEMA Regional Energy Observatory platform will enable the collection and evaluation of the aggregated data by Andalusian public buildings in single platform, which will increase the capacities of the municipal technicians as energy manager. These data will also be used for developing energy benchmarking guidelines by building typology and other characteristics for Andalusian public buildings.