Prior to the Symbi project, regional environmental regulations did not even mention industrial symbiosis in Andalusia. The success of the Symbi project in our region is evidenced by the importance that the new environmental regulations give to industrial symbiosis.

To begin with, the third objective of the Andalusian Integral Plan of waste is:

 “To promote industrial symbiosis so that the by-products generated in some activities are become the raw materials of others. Encourage the use, by companies, of secondary raw materials to make the most of the material and energy resources contained in the waste and reduce, as far as possible, the consumption of natural resources”.

In this Plan, with the aim of reducing the generation of industrial waste, it is planned to support the implementation of projects of industrial symbiosis.

The influence of the Symbi project has been present in the drafting of the Circular Economy Law of Andalusia. First of all we find a definition of industrial symbiosis in the article three:

“Industrial Symbiosis: The use that a company or sector makes of the by-products (among which include energy, water, logistics and materials) from others.”

Among the objectives of the law, in the article five we can be read: “To contribute to optimize the productive cycles and the industrial symbiosis, facilitating the use of all the flows of their production and consumption cycles, so that these can be reincorporated into the economic system”.

Likewise, the law contemplates the creation of the Andalusian office of circular economy, being one of its functions: To promote actions in the field of industrial symbiosis.

On the other hand, the elaboration of the Andalusian strategy for a circular economy is foreseen, being one of its objectives: “Creation and definition of an industrial symbiosis platform for knowledge transfer, needs and processes among small and medium enterprises, public and private institutions of knowledge and research centers”

And finally, as a result of the lessons learned, the law states in Article 37 that:

1. The Administration of the Junta de Andalusia shall establish the regulatory and administrative mechanisms suitable for the establishment of industrial symbiosis relationships, facilitating industrial connections and promoting inter sectoral meetings with the participation of waste managers.

2. Likewise, it will promote the creation of companies and entities of diverse nature, which establish or promote relationships of industrial symbiosis.


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