The second SYMBI (5th call) workshop “EU Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan related funding mechanisms for promoting industrial symbiosis and circular economy” under the activity A5, was held online on 8th June 2022 by Häme University of Applied Sciences and Regional Council of Häme.
19 participants attended the online workshop, including 9 project partners from 7 countries. Partners brought, 11 Good Practices (GPs) from their regions, on circular and Industrial Symbiosis (IS) for peer review. These GPs financed by public or private fund tackle novel IS challenges, like waste heat recovery system, integrated waste management system, life cycle assessment, recycled photovoltaic panels, rehabilitation of an abandoned quarry, technology platform, ecosystem development and concluded with specific measures to be transferred in each region.
The purpose of the meeting was to present the content and main features of the collected cases by project partners and to apply the evaluation criteria to come up with 4 selected GPs. The following 5 criteria were used for the peer review process:
1) Economic impact
2) Environmental impact
3) General success
4) Line with the objectives of the Circular Economy Action Plan and/or Green Deal
5) Transferability

The findings will be fine-tuned and analysed in further detail by Häme University of Applied Sciences and Regional Council of Häme, and a peer-review report encapsulating the results of the workshop will be available.
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