During the initial implementation of the SYMBI project(2016 – 2021), the Municipality of Kozani, with the assistance of project partners, made its first steps towards Circular Economy by recognizing the need for transforming the current economy model and policies, from linear to circular.

By the end of the project, Municipality of Kozani had implemented a two-year Action Plan towards circular economy (2020-2021), which focused mainly on the diffusion of the circular economy idea and principles, to stakeholders, citizens and employees.

In 2021, the municipality continued its efforts by creating a more comprehensive action plan for the 2022-2027 period, aiming to mapping of sustainable interventions for the promotion of Circular Economy and the synthesis of circular applications, which will bring economic, social and environmental benefits. This effort was financed and approved by the Greek Green Fund, a policy instrument widely used for supporting environmental activities. The next step for the Municipality of Kozani is the implementation of two pilot projects that immerged from the Action Plan:(1) the pilot program “Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)” and (2) the pilot operation ofSorting Material Centresin Kozani, which will also be funded by the Greek Green Fund. Greek Green Fund is one of the policy instruments that has been affected and is supporting circular economy activities.

The proposed interventions by the circular economy plan will maximize synergies both within the Circular Economy Action Plan and with other action plans and initiatives of the Municipality of Kozani, such as to become one of the 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, which has been achieved in July 2022, with the assistance and co-operation of all SYMBI stakeholders.

During this year in co-operation with its stakeholders, Municipality of Kozani has organized three workshops regarding circular economy, waste valorization and digital transformation. The event was attended by representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development & Development (EBRD), of the Ministry of Energy, of SDAM, of CERTH, of the Bank of Attica, of the University of Western Macedonia, as well as other local actors.


Also, in May-June 2022 Climate Neutral Week was organized, in co-operation of all SYMBI stakeholders and other local and national stakeholders. During this week a Conference on the best practices for the Energy and Climate Neutrality, Transport – Mobility, Waste and Water Management, Smart and Digital Transition was organized and a two-dayExhibition for citizens displaying Greek circular initiatives and products, panels with the local – “eco” champions, creative “reduce- reuse- recycle” activities for children and DIY upcycling workshops.