During June, 2020, our partner Chamber of Commerce of Molise carried out in the context of Action 2, of their Action Plan - GPP (Green Public Procurement) - a set of activities aiming at raising awareness, dissemination and training.

With reference to training activities, through Ecocerved a webinar package was offered to companies (mainly of the construction and agri-food sectors) in the region with the aim of providing "basic literacy" on waste matters to micro-enterprises as well as operational seminars on obligations to be respected and procedures to be applied in 'waste management area.

The first webinar organized by Ecocerved (foreseen by the action plan as one of the main actors), held on June 8th, was entitled "Waste Traceability System - Loading / Unloading Logs and Forms", aimed primarily at construction companies. N. of attendees: 58.


The second was held on June 16 and had the following title "Management of waste in specific supply chains ". N. of attendees: 51.


Finally, on June 26th Ecocerved organized the last webinar with the most operational focus entitled "Circular Economy: from theory to practice". N. of attendees: 10.


Each of these webinars lasted for 4 hours. As part of this training package, a webinar on the principles of circular economy was also planned for the staff of the Molise Chamber of Commerce and held on May 18. Documents related the training sessions have been published on the environmental information portal ECOCAMERE (www.ecocamere.it) created by Ecocerved (internal company of the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce that operates in the field of information systems for the environment).

The Chamber of Commerce played a role of driving force and facilitator of the Action through the project titled "Environmental policies: actions for the promotion of the C.E." funded by the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce also in cooperation with the Regional Section of the Environmental Managers Register at the Chamber of Commerce of Molise, one of the main actors of this Action. Virtual meetings via Meet were organized with the representatives of the aforementioned Register for the preparation of manifestations of interest aimed at launching a survey on further information and assistance needs of companies.