The Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region in cooperation with the Institute of Technology and Innovation (IATI) organized on 5th March 2018 a public consultation meeting within the SYMBI project. The meeting took place in the form of workshops in Krakow as a part of the regularly organized IATI Monday Business Meeting.


The participants of the public consultations wanting to make a real contribution to the improvement of industrial symbiosis and circular economy projects in Malopolska, willingly shared their opinion and experience during a consultation meeting on 4 documents being developed as part of the SYMBI project:


1. Comparative analysis study of regional and national policies on industrial symbiosis and circular economy

2. Mapping the investment potential in industrial symbiosis.

3. Good practice guide and benchmarking guidelines on ecosystems of byproduct and energy exchanges

4. Green procurement as an enabler of industrial symbiosis


Recommendations received from the participants of the public consultation meeting were collected and will be used to create a report that will serve other SYMBI partners in the implementation of industrial symbiosis and circular economy. Thanks to this, there will be an impact on the directions and speed of development of industrial symbiosis and circular economy in Malopolska, but also in other partner regions.