Our Partner 2, Regional Government of Andalucia, managed to include Industrial Symbiosis as a topic in the formulation of the new Integral Waste Plan of Andalusia!

As a result of the lessons learning during SYMBI project, and the work carried out with regional stakeholders, our partner from Andalucia, Environment and Territory Regional regional Ministry, managed to include Industrial Symbiosis as an objective in the formulation of their Environment and Territory Regional Ministry. Towards a Circular Economy in horizon 2030.

The formulation of the new plan has been published in the Official Journey of Andalucia on march 2019, the 19th, and specifically, the third objective states: 'Favour industrial symbiosis in such a way that the by-products generated in some activities become the raw materials of others. Encourage the use, by of secondary raw materials in order to make the best use of the resources available. The material and energy resources contained in the waste and to reduce, as far as possible, the consumption of natural resources.'

More information can be found here