The Action Plan of the Chamber of Commerce of Molise (Italy) was approved and shared with Regional Council Resolution n. 352 on 16th September 2019.
The actions in the plan are the following:
1.    Regional Law on Circular Economy.
2.    Sensitization - Dissemination –  Training  on GPP.
3.    Sensitization and dissemination on the recovery of pruning waste.
4.    “Ecoforum” Event-II edition: reward for virtuos Municipalities and Enterprises.
5.    Financial incentives for enterprises in the Complex Crisis Area.
6.    Molise Region participation in ICESP - Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform – promoted by Enea.

All the activities planned for each action have been started, but in this article we want to focuss on the celebration of the second edition of Ecoforum- the event related to dissemination of Circular Economy.

ECOFORUM was launched for the first time within the SYMBI project in 2018 with the aim of promoting Circular Economy in Molise.

The second edition took place on 22 January at the Molise Chamber of Commerce in Campobasso by following criteria and changes contained in the Action Plan.

It was organized in cooperation of some SYMBI stakeholders: Legambiente Molise, Chamber of Commerce of Molise also with its Special Agency  SERM - Partner Enterprise Europe Network and the Department of Economics of the University of Molise with the aim of drawing a picture of current waste policies and prospects for the circular economy both at national and regional level.
During the workshop session several experts intervened discussing the state of the art at national level regarding packaging management, relational tools with particular reference to Industrial Symbiosis, the impact of Green Public èProcurement purchases on the real economy. Great interest aroused the intervention of the Councilor of the Emilia Romagna Region, who illustrated the path of approval of the first regional law on the circular economy in Italy (LR n.16 of 5 October 2015) which anticipated two and a half years also the circular economy package of the European Commission (April 2018). This latter intervention is linked to Action 1 of the Action Plan dedicated to "Regional Reading on Circular Economy".

The working session was concluded by the National President of Legambiente, Stefano Ciafani, who stated that: “Europe with the directives on the circular economy and on disposable plastic has traced a well-defined path towards sustainability that all member countries, including Italy, will have to follow in the coming years. We need a change in the cycle of municipal and production waste throughout the country starting from the center and south. It is then urgent to complete the cycle with the reuse and recycling systems necessary to practice the objective of zero waste for disposal,
on which it is essential to involve citizens to prevent disputes that now also affect projects serving the circular economy."

The second part of the event was reserved for the "Good practices of Circular Economy in Molise" with a twofold purpose: to highlight the good circular economy practices of Molise companies engaged in the activation of paths towards eco-industrial systems that limit as much as possible the unused by-products, their disposal and the consequent dispersion in the environment, and the good separate collection policies of the Molise Municipalities, within the national campaign of the Ricicloni Municipalities.
At the end of the session 23 municipalities exceeding the 65% threshold of separate waste collection in 2018, were awarded by Legambiente Molise.

Instead, the Molise Chamber of Commerce awarded the three following companies:
With the ECOSQUARE project, the first ecological collective gathering place, the company ECOCONTROLGSM S.r.l. for having been able to combine technological innovation and respect for the environment by promoting civic good and the regeneration of the territory.
ECOSQUARE is a fully automated ecological island for the separate collection of urban waste. The system allows you to reward those who throw waste correctly with the accreditation of eco-points that can be spent in other useful services. It also is an automatic dispenser of products of various eco-friendly utility. It is possible to stock up on electricity, biodegradable water bottles, detergent with non-destructive substances for the environment, ...
With the NOVASOFT project, an anti-trauma rubber floor produced with the end-of-life tire disposal system, the company NOVATEC Srl was awarded for having been able to develop, according to the Industrial Symbiosis model, relationships between companies aimed at the efficient use of waste materials, reducing disposal and dispersion waste into the environment.
Finally, with  RIGIOCATTOLO project, the cooperative ARES SOCIALE received the mention of merit, for having been able to combine the value of solidarity with the vision of circularity, recovering and giving new life to a waste "Precious" like the toy.