On 14 September 2022, the Planning Authority is hosting the final conference of the ThreeT Project, which is a European Union Interreg project that will conclude three and a half years of study and shared experiences of the respective European partners regarding access to historical or natural sites through green means of transport. The conference will be attended by official governmental and IE Programme representatives, project partners and their stakeholders.

The Lead Partner of the project is the Provincia di Livorno while the other partners, apart from the Malta Planning Authority, are the Regione Toscana (Italy), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (Poland), Mittelhessen (Germany), Vas County (Hungary), The Regional Council of Central (Finland), Brasov County (Romania), and Tenerife (Spain).

The Conference concludes the very long trail which began with a Round Table at the Interreg Europe Conference in Malta in March 2017, and subsequently through eight attractive regions which generously enabled more than 25 experiences and opportunities to be shared by the partners. These Good Practices have inspired eight Action Plans which began to be implemented in July 2021. The Conference is an opportunity to discover the initial results of such implementation, as well as the results of three Pilot Actions on “Silence” as a tourism driver derived from the Finnish Good Practice. The venue will also be a valuable opportunity to discuss future programmes and opportunities.

On 15th September the participants will attend a tour of Malta and Gozo to appreciate the Malta’s Action Plan activities in progress by the Planning Authority which is hosting the event.

Partners will meet for their final Steering Committee meeting on 16th September, notwithstanding an unexpected partner: Covid-19, to wind up this very challenging and rewarding project.