TRIS through lead partner Birmingham City Council and partner Industrial Symbiosis Limited have influenced regional policy on climate change mitigation to include industrial symbiosis. “The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA – which includes the City of Birmingham) has identified industrial symbiosis as an important part of its climate change action plan. Published in January (2020) this year, the plan outlines the role that industrial symbiosis can play in reducing carbon emissions, but also in providing economic and social opportunities to people and businesses across the region. One of the critical success factors to implementing a programme like this is to learn from other places, particularly drawing on case studies showing what has gone well and how challenges and obstacles have been overcome. The TRIS project has enabled this learning to take place through the network that has been created, inspiring new local and regional thinking and action in the field of industrial symbiosis.” Jacqueline Homan Head of Environment at WMCA. WMCA’s strategy includes the action of ‘Designing in industrial symbiosis: commission an industrial symbiosis investment plan, to work out the areas with most potential for carbon reduction, resource efficiency and return on investment and which could keep resource and build eco-supply chains within the region.’