The TRIS project aims to raise awareness on the concepts of industrial symbiosis and circular economy business models causing a mind-shift in the stakeholder groups (including SMEs and policy actors).

As a result of the work done by IFKA since the start of the project – thanks to interregional learning, regular stakeholder consultations and the finalized action plan to be implemented – a proposal document was prepared to the Managing Authority for Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (EDIOP) how to integrate circular economy and industrial symbiosis related measures into the calls.

Based on the continuous discussions a new call was launched called Green National Champions EDIOP 1.2.11-20 targeting energy and water use efficiency, fostering electro mobility and secondary raw material usage (industrial symbiosis).

The main goal is to support the developments of local micro-, small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies with high growth potential related to the green economy and industry facilitating technology change.

A complex pre-qualification procedure has been developed by IFKA and enterprises have to comply with the different “green” criteria – like material efficient measures - waste management, industrial symbiosis synergies, climate related risk assessment; renewable energy use during production – to get the “Green National Champion” certificate. Here is the website in Hungarian:

Acquiring this certificate is a precondition to apply for the EDIOP 1.2.11-20 call getting the chance to receive financial support for their development concept that is in line with the above mentioned objectives. The amount of non-refundable support is 20-400 million HUF (57 000 - 1 142 800 euro) with a 50% maximum aid intensity. The budget of the call is 7.3 billion HUF (20 857 000 euro).