During these months we have not been able to travel, we have not been able to meet in person and visit water-related places. But this has not stopped us. 

We have organized online meetings using digital tools, we have created presentations and prepared webinars in order to continue achieving our significant goal.

And during these "unusual" months we came up with an idea: why don't we organize a Festival? An opportunity for discussion not only with the project partners, but also with stakeholders and with everyone interested in water-related heritage?

We want to feel close even if at a distance, we want to be able to look into each other's eyes even if through a screen, but most importantly we want to share the work that has been done in the 5 territories involved in the project.

For these reasons, we are happy to announce that the day has finally arrived. On October 28th we will host the first WaVE Festival from 10.00 to 13.00. Save the Date! 

Please find here the link to register for the meeting. We are waiting for you to discuss the new opportunities for water-linked heritage: https://forms.gle/L3oT4bP15umkEgYr5

Below you ca find a preview of how the meeting will be structured:

After a short focus on the project, Adriaan Geuze - Director of West 8, a leading urban design practice in Europe - will talk about the ambitions in the relation between water and heritage. A keynote speech not to be missed! 

Afterwards, a dive session on each of the 5 water-linked territories. The site-visit videos will introduce the territories and then there will be a short focus by stakeholders on best practices, expertise and case studies specific to those territories.

Some of the topics that will be covered: temporary uses as leverage to valorize water-linked heritage, water management and water-linked heritage protection, storytelling to narrate water-linked heritage, how to raise awareness of environmental and water responsibility, and many other topics...

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the discussion, sign up for the event now. See you on ZOOM!  

For any further information please contact: [email protected]