1- What have you been working on in recent months?

This year we elaborated the issue of water and water related heritage on different levels: on a strategic level (strategic investment strategy as a follow-up of the Growth and Development Strategy, (r)evaluation of the heritage policy), on a tactical level (using the assets of the WaVE program in the conceptual phase of different developments), and on an operational level (the actual realization of projects).

2- Have there already been any results that you would like to share?

Quite some results in Breda this year:

Before summer the realization started of the next phase of the river Mark in the medieval city center, including ecological green quays

The Mayoral Committee and the Province of Noord-Brabant presented a possible development perspective for the recently purchased terrain of the former sugar factory, now ready for public consultation. This concept carries a lot of references to the heritage on the site (existing and former)

The plan for the harbour strip was approved, including the integration of halls of the former machine factory preserved on this site

The City Council decided for a prolongation of the existing contracts with placemakers in the harbor area. This is a recognition of the value of placemaking for urban (re)development. One restriction: the area was a national experiment of acting without the normal regulations; now the placemakers have to deal with certain rules

On the 14th of December the first Water Table new style with heritage “on board” will be organized

The heritage map “plus” is on schedule: water related heritage identified, thematic layers finished, data base is being filled. Finalisation still planned for January 2023

3- What unforeseen difficulties have you encountered?

No unforeseen difficulties thus far. The only thing is that there are so many developments going on with an active role of citizens and stakeholders that we may be too demanding in the number of meetings.

4- Are you satisfied with the progress you have made so far?

We think we can be quite satisfied with the progress mentioned earlier. Participation in the Interreg Europe project WaVE is of great importance for the raise of consciousness in Breda around the values of water and water related heritage and has had an effect on the concepts and developments thus far in the transformation of the city.

5- What challenges do you expect in the coming months?

On a local level the last challenge is the adaptation of the local heritage policy in line with the revenues of the WaVE project. This will take place early spring ‘23 in the City Council. Being the Lead Partner we are also looking forward to the final conference in Alicante and the preparation of the final disseminatable result of WaVE, towards the partners, and towards the European Community.