On 3rd November, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting the third and last episode of the Cultural routes webinar series.

Join the online event from 14:00 to 15:30 CET to learn from pilot actions across Europe and how you can inspire policy change in your region!

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Europe’s cultural and natural heritage is as rich and diverse as are its member states. It comprises natural, built and archaeological sites, museums, monuments, artworks, historic cities, literary and musical work, and is an important element of social life, as well as economic development.

The focus of this webinar is on the development of policy actions through interregional collaboration. Policy actions from the WaVE project focused on the development of integrated adaptive reuses of water-linked cultural heritage sites in human settlements, serve as an example. The webinar gives participants the opportunity to discuss the process of interregional adaption of good practices and the challenges that might incur.

What you can expect
The webinar has been designed and will be moderated by Astrid Severin and Magda Michaliková, Thematic Experts in Environment and resource efficiency.

Setting the scene
Etienne Rodzinka-Verhelle, Policy Officer of Environment and resource efficiency at Interreg Europe on the latest insights.

Inspiration for the pilot actions
Flash presentation by Miguel Mejuto from the Provincial Council of Alicante, Spain, on Blu Blue routes: Alicante’s Hydrogeological Heritage

Flash presentation by Marc Berends from the Municipality of Breda, the Netherlands, on Development in dialogue

Flash presentation by Søren Bitsch Christensen from the Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark, on The uncovering of the river Aarhus

Pilot actions and panel discussions
Pilot action I: Immersive Tour of Ravenna's water-linked heritage
Presentation by Stefania Gambi from the Municipality of Ravenna

Pilot action II: Water-related heritage valorisation through storytelling in the Ister-Granum region
Presentation by Péter Nagy from the Ister-Granum region

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