In this difficult year we were not able to travel and visit the territories involved in the WaVE project. 

Luckyly, there were plenty of opportunities to exchange Good Practices at international level.
WaVE project's partners decided to make this exchange even more effective and interactive by creating virtual tours of the 5 sites involved through videos. 

Each partner used images and interviews to describe the characteristics of the areas, good practices already achieved and future development plans. 

The video-visits helped the WaVE members to better understand how they could adapt the good practices to their own territory. 

The realisation of the virtual visits represented a key step in the construction of the first draft of the Action Plans, on which the partners have been engaged in recent months. Ideas and debates have risen from watching these videos, as well as the desire to travel again and meet in person. 

Enjoy the show!
You will feel as if you are travelling, even if you are in your own home.
Explore the site-visit videos’ library created by the  partners.

Urban Mediaspace:
The River Aarhus:
The Old Industrial Harbour:
Aarhus Urban Coastline:

Tibi Dam:
Relleu Municipality:

Almoradi Municipality:


"Re-development in Dialogue":

The Region of Ister-Granum:
Watermills of Ister-Granum:
Aquaphone Festival and Bridge Guard Residential Art - Science Centre: 
Danube Museum in Esztergom:

Visit to the 3 sites of Ravenna:
The City Docks:
The Maritime Park:
The Ancient Port of Classe:

>> Interested in learning more about the Good Practices shared by the partners?
Download the Catalogue of 13 Good Practices of the WaVE project: