The final newsletter of the WaVE project just has been published! Check it out!

>> Newsletter #5

Phase 1 of the project is over and Hans Thoolen - urban planner and project manager of WaVE - sums up the results achieved by the partners lately:

It was a great experience for the WaVE partners to meet in Ravenna last November, after so many months of online working, and to share the progress! Since that time a second film was made, a manifesto on the preliminary results of WaVE produced, and the draft action plans positively received by the Interreg Secretariat. With the pilots and action plans being ready soon, phase 1 is heading towards finalization, and the actual actions are already started or are being prepared. A productive and fruitful partnership is on the way to phase 2, the implementation and monitoring of the ambitious actions! Despite the COVID limitations this project is a real pleasure for everyone, and the stimulating exchange had unexpected results already in the different cities and regions! We hope the readers will recognize this enthusiasm in the presentation of our results, and that this will be a stimulus to validate the strong values of water and water related heritage in your own region!

>> What’s next?

Phase 1 of the project has ended. Partners finalized their Action Plans also thanks to the peer review exchange held in Ravenna.

Phase 2 will focus on the implementation and monitoring of the Action Plans per region, in line with Programme expectations.

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