The launch event of the European project WaVE was held in Breda, Netherlands in the last week of September 2019. WaVE is synonymous with enhancing the water-linked heritage through an integrated and ecosystemic approach.     

The project, funded by the Interreg Europe program with € 1,273 million, will be led by the city of Breda (Netherlands) with the participation of major European partners such as the Delft University of Technology(Holland), the Italian Research Institute CertiMaC, as well as the Italian city of Ravenna and the Danish city of Aarhus, the Valencian Province of Alicante (Spain) and the Hungarian region of Ister-Granum.    

WaVE is the project that seeks to utilize and revalue heritage on and around water. The partners thus not only want to preserve and further develop heritage and nature, but also expect side effects such as socio-economic growth and climate adaptation. WaVE stands for Water-linked heritage Valorization by developing an Ecosystemic approach. Together with various partners in Europe, we are looking at which policy instruments can be used to utilize heritage values in this way and what the effect of these policy strategies is.   

The partner cities and regions have in common that their territory is rich in heritage that is historically linked to or formed as a result of the interaction with water as part of the natural environment. The partners have a task in the field of heritage and water. They are of the opinion that a correct approach to this task leads to the preservation and proportional development of heritage and nature with the expected side effects (spillover) including socio-economic growth and climate adaptation.  The European grant offers opportunities to work together at European level on policy strategies that are needed for the restructuring tasks related to heritage and water.   

The WaVE partners are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation in the coming 3 years, united by the belief that heritage is a sector, a factor and a vector able to generate opportunities for people and communities.