On February 3, 2020, the first LSG-meeting in Breda took place at the CrossMark information center. Twelve stakeholders attended the meeting. The stakeholders were fairly divided over the various target groups, creating good dynamics.

For most stakeholders this meeting was the first introduction to the WaVE project, so the evening kicked off after the proposal round with a brief introduction to the project. The presentation answered the question ‘what exactly is meant by Water-linked heritage Valorisation by an Ecosystemic approach?’

The second part of the meeting elaborated on the CrossMark plan area and its relations with the city. It became clear that there are major challenges for the city as a whole and that CrossMark with its heritage and water will play a major role in this. Fortunately, Breda already has extensive experience with the use of water and heritage as a catalyst for urban regeneration.

A workshop in groups followed after the presentation. The stakeholders were challenged to think about the opportunities offered by heritage and water. Opportunities to achieve a successful area development that does not ignore major challenges such as energy, mobility and climate change.

The atmosphere during the meeting was open and the sometimes the stakeholders were able to think outside their own frameworks. Because of this and the broad representation, surprising new ideas also emerged with regard to the plan area. After the summary, stakeholders were asked to invite new participants for the next session.