The 1st LSG meeting of the Ister-Granum EGTC took place today in Saint Adalbert Centre, Esztergom.

The interactive meeting was attended by 12 stakeholders representing municipalities, water-management organizations, DMO-s, NGO-s, SME-s, both from the Hungarian and Slovak side of the region. 

At the beginning of meeting Péter Nagy - the director of Ister-Granum EGTC - welcomed the participants and outlined the purpose of the event and Zsófia Dolník-Domány - Project Manager of WaVE - introduced the project including its aims and main activities.  

Afterwards, the water-linked sites of the Ister-Granum Euroregion involved in the project were presented by Gyula Ocskay from CESCI. Participants were asked to introduce themselves and to try to integrate the list of sites related to water. The stakeholders formed small groups and were challenged to think about possible improvements of the listed heritages.  

Main result of the meeting: the final list of the water-linked cultural heritages was created and new ideas on the improvement of the sites were shared.  

Positive side effects of the meeting: the majority of the partners had never met before and this was a great opportunity of networking. E.g. An expert of water mills and a mayor from a local city met at the LSG and during the discussion agreed to meet again to start thinking about the renovation of a water mill. 

Same for a director of a Slovakian NGO and the representative of a Esztergom DMO, who started discussing together about extending an existing cultural event from Slovakia to Hungary.

The next meeting will be held in Esztergom, on March 4th March in which the participants will start to create the SWOT analyzes of the region.